Some kind of a crucifixion: a roar of absolute human/inhuman rage and despair and vehemence and fury and defiance and blood…. It is a cry of furious aggression, channelling right from the core – viscerally alive with pain – but through this ultimately a violent breaking-through: through the noise and brutality and cruelty and nothingness and impossible contradiction of the situation…. the affirmative cry of the human voice – a howl and hallelujah all at once.

An opening of stars twinkling and bright. A limb of metal reaching out from a red haze. Dead flies littered beneath electrical coils which are streaming with blood and crystal. There is a feeling of a catastrophic rupture. Copper ore winks and glistens amid the gore-spattered ground, oozing with dark petrol-like fluid. The light is hot and bright – constant; but within this constant there is an intense strobe-like volatility — as if undergoing a seizure: rattling, at breaking point.


The sound is very much the soul of this thing. It needs to be, and to carry, all the above (see summary). It must express some kind of a roar and ecstasy – the vital core of a human being made bright and alive; baring everything against immense pressure.

The sound plays as an infinite loop. Needs to strike a fine balance between a broken brutal screaming noisiness, and a musical element – a melody carried by a voice – breaking through.

The melody/vocals are stretched out to a point of abstraction which elevates it by burning / washing away the micro musical information, leaving just the raw expression of the melody and human voice. 

The demo below is an example of the kind of expression I am after.

Key Components / Details

The Arm


A sawn-off piece of metal juts out from an abstract reddish haze – like an arm reaching up through a mist of blood. A poignancy to the way it is inexplicably there – reaching up from some abstract dimension, into the violent empty space around it – but with no clear function; like an antennae pointed into nothing.

The TV / The Scream

A CRT TV screen displays an abstraction for a scream. The image is shaking and the screen distorting and flickering but staying on.

The black abstract forms

twin forms – animalistic implications – the curvature of a spine. Relating to the human form but total abstractions of it. Feeling of implicit violence / menace. Material composition: black metal. made-up of a discordant lattice / mesh of razor sharp edges. Dust of black broken glass / obsidian peppers the ground around them.

The Electricity Coils

Streaming with blood, and chunks of copper ore – blood gathering in pools beneath them. Dead flies litter the ground.

The Spine

A human spine juts out from a constant spurt of blood, spraying out at wild angles. The spine is fixed like a knife – (barely) tamping a catastrophic wound.

The Stars

An abstract opening – like a tear in the fabric of things – through which stars glimmer brightly from the dark.


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